Instabuider Review: How to Use It in Internet Marketing?

Instabuilder overview

Instabuilder is a term used to refer to a Word Press plug in that is given under the *zip format. It enables users to create highly responsive and professional sales and squeeze pages in almost 5 minutes. It is a very useful tool for internet marketers as it creates pages of a higher quality and they are more visually attractive with more features. The plug in comes with other additional useful features which increase the bottom line of all marketing products or internet services provided by a certain company. It is a one stop solution provider to every marketing task that is web related.


Instabuilder Review

The various features that come with it are Face book Opt-in option, a large collection of stunning templates, beautiful optin widgets, delayed content, viral download lock. Others are split testing, point and click graphics and font style control. All web pages created with Instabuilder are completely responsive hence render easily and in a perfect way on laptops, desktops, smart phones and tablets. It is a tool that is a must have for any party that conducts business marketing online.

What is Instabuilder and where did it originate from?

Instabuilder is a plug in that does a lot of different functions that have been integrated to form one single operating plug in. It is used for creating squeeze pages, landing pages, video sales, sale pages and other different elements found in web pages. It was created to assist internet marketers to have a plug in that could be able to perform all the above tasks without inconveniences. The users had been thirsty to have a non-themed solution that would be more compact and simple hence it was created.

How is the general reaction of the Plug in from its users?

Most people who have an opportunity to experience this plug in are usually amazed at its ease of use. It has been created with menus that enable one to create complex web pages even if they are not well versed with programming languages. It is normal for newbie’s to experience difficulties with premium themes or graphics designing. However, the Instabuilder has eliminated all these difficulties by providing drop menus that are familiar and support the selection of pre-defined styles, highlighter and the selection of fonts. It therefore eliminates the need to edit even one single code line and thus one cannot mess in their work at all.

A majority of its users are happy in that it is not only easy to use but also easy to manage. Most of their reviews about it are positive and that proves their positive reaction towards the plug in use. It is also advantageous in that it works independently of the other themes. If a theme was non-responsive, when the new theme created with this plug in is activated, it would leave the non-responsive theme aside and take over. This would be advantageous since it would bring all its fabulous features and its high quality pages. The designs of its templates are charming, stylish and professional and respond very fast.

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Other benefits associated with this Awesome Plug in

Instabuilder has several great benefits apart from the ones discussed in the above paragraphs. It has a very high productivity or a higher conversion rate. The opt-in and sale pages created using it have an extremely high conversion rate hence translating to more productivity. On average if one were to run a test of how productive they are, it would result in a 320% more productivity if one creates squeeze pages using it.

The Instabuilder contains great features like the ability to add a social sharing element that is embedded in the content. One would also be able to offer an exit-redirect function for example a split-testing feature that is functional. It is easily integrated with auto-responders that are brilliant. The plug in is based on a what you see is what you get basis in that one is able to preview all their text, buttons and headlines when editing them. A lot of money and time is saved by using this plug in as it would have been used to pay for each function to be done on its own. In the past all these functions were done independently and therefore a lot of money was used to pay for them individually. The time it took to have all of them ready was a lot and as the plug in combines all the functions together, then a significant amount of money and time is saved. Try it now!


As it is normal for all good things to have some negative characteristics, the plug in also has some disadvantages albeit minimal. It does not have pre-styled headlines or short codes for headlines. It presents to the user a drop-down menu from which one should select their preferred fonts and font size instead. It also does not give catastrophic omissions but this should never be a major problem as one could be able to use some tricks to come up with whatever format or style they wanted.

The price would be considered as a bit too high especially for a newbie as the Instabuilder costs $47 for a single license and the unlimited license goes for $77. However, given that the plug in does the functions of other 4-5 plug ins that would cost even more higher, then its price is very reasonable based on the functions and features it has. It also saves a lot of time hence it is worthy to cost that amount of money. The other demerit is the use of a low quality tutorial video as it was not carefully done. This should not bother anyone so much as the end result pages speak of its high quality.

Important: The price of this Plug in is about to go up, so you need to hurry and get in on this ASAP.

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Does it really work?

Instabuilder really works and this can be proved by the massive number of web reviews talking about the effectiveness of it in internet marketing. It not only creates sale pages and squeeze pages fast but it is also easy to use and manage hence it has gained a lot of popularity. The massive support that the plug in has gained is enough evidence that truly it does work for real.

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Compare Instabuilder Vs Leadpages Vs Kajabi

Instabuilder reviewInstabuilder Review


Instabuilder incorporates a very memorable name. It’s a wordpress plugin that permits you to quickly create squeeze pages. An advantage of this really is it’s a WordPress Plugin, therefore you don’t ought to improve your WordPress Theme to utilize it. It’s a crucial feature want . wide range of individuals have different themes and that we don’t would like to put it back.

The effectiveness of Instabuilder is based on it’s power to create 1 time offers, Mini Lead capture pages, Product pages, Launch pages and Sales pages. Though the weakness of Instabuilder is that there’s a restricted option of customizing it. However, it’s a whole lot given it’s a 60 minute time payment solution at under $100.


Honestly, I almost bought leadpages, but when I heard Instabuilder is coming out, I postponed buying it. I was glad I did. Clay does a fantastic job with the leadplayer and leadpages software but you can find better (less costly) solutions many people feel. I know that you have tons of people that loves lead pages if you have them, then good for you.

My undertake leadpages is that often you will find loads of features here which have been great, things i didn’t like was so it’s a yearly payment of $197. It’s also challenging create membership sites using leadpages. Should you be only post sales pages, lead capture pages, then this might be something that you can try. Except for me, I’ll stick with Instabuilder at the moment.

For leadplayer, I’m using VOOplayer instead. Things i liked was the cabability to host my video setting on their own server. In this way I’ll use a central dashboard for all those my videos. Eliminate logging on each wordpress site that I own.


I’ve not used at all this software, but It’s a monthly solution knowning that it offers other features that other squeeze page solutions doesn’t have. So really no clue on how it performs. I simply saw several launches using Kajabi being a platform, but I’m seeing more people using Instabuilder, to launch many and I think they’ve got the identical reason as mine.

Here’s a review of my comparison between these landing page solutions. I only recommend Instabuilder, due to pricing, convenience, pros and cons that it has. I’ll walk you by incorporating of the finest features we use and love.

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Instabuilder Review – Page Templates, Shortcodes, Styles, Marketing Graphics and Other Features

Hello all my friend, I come back with this post which I will show you some Page Templates, Shortcodes, Styles, Marketing Graphics and Other Features from Instabuilder plugin.

Pages Templates

Instabuilder provides total 16 templates and 5 different colors for each page type. From that, you have more than 70 templates for each page type and of course, all of them are quick to load and highly converting. In addition, in the updating of version 1.13, Instabuilder is added 3 more templates and the total templates is 19 from now. In the panel, you just choose the template that you like from a drag down list and you are set to go.

Instabuilder review Screenshot

Now I give you some demo pages created by using Instabuilder templates:

Mini Squeeze Page Templates

You can change templates, background color or image. Can choose Manual Optin Form, or Facebook Optin, or use both method. In the version 1.15, you also can use YouTube video as the background for Mini Squeeze Page.

Instabuilder - Mini Squeeze Page ScreenshotInstabuilder – Mini Squeeze Page

Squeeze Page Templates

Video Squeeze Page

Sales Pages


You have zero knowledge of HTML , JavaScript or CSS. Don’t worry, you are still able to customize any pages like a expert with InstaBuilder Shortcode button in the visual editor. Just click to it and select your shortcode, add details as necessary and hit publish/update. I am sure that you don’t spend more time for that. Now, InstaBuilder Shortcodes are now fully functional for regular blog posts and pages


Shortcode Example


Customize wordpress page/content  with code can be quite a challenge for non-coders. That is why Instabuilder provide Instabuilder Styles which make you be easy to customize a WordPress page/content without learning code.  The very simple thing you need to do is clicking to InstaBuilder Styles button in the visual editor, select your styles, add details as necessary, and hit publish/update.

 Styles Example

Marketing Graphics

Instabuilder plugin also have a wide variety of pre-designed graphics that you can add to your page.  Now you could easily create high-quality page designs in seconds.

Marketing Graphics Example

Other Features

Last but not least, the awesome plugin have even more advanced features such as delayed content, exit redirect, viral download lock, split testing and much more. I will show you a few demo pages created using some of Instabuilder features:

I think that with many features I mentioned above, Instabuilder plugin is really a good plugin for marketers who are seeking an “all in one” plugin for their site.



Instabuilder review video: Create Stunning Landing pages in less than 5 minutes

How To Create A Stunning Landing Page With Instabuilder PLugin

This video review will tell you how to use Instabuilder to create sales pages, squeeze page, video pages and load more. Let’s watch Instabuilder in action

By installing “Instabuilder” WordPress plugin for your site, you can quickly and easily create Landing pages. The only thing you do look like you create a normal new page in Dashboard, but you should remember turn on Instabuilder plugin. After that this plugin will give you a lot of options in which you can:

  • Select the page type you want to create
  • Select a page design
  • Set the font style
  • Set Optin Form
  • And more design style for content

In addition, Instabuilder also allows you to change the look and feel quickly, add video for the page. Not stop there, you can create a squeeze page with Facebook connect and your message will automatically post on their wall.

Last but not least, Instabuilder is created with HTML5 and CSSS3, so you will have responsive landing page design that will fit to any computer and mobile devices.

Instabuilder also have more another features:

  • Logo Customization
  • Page Navigation
  • Social Commenting System
  • Social Share System
  • Viral Download Locking
  • And much more…

Instabuilder plugin is not limited in any domains, so try it now!

Instabuilder review video

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Instabuilder – Special Bonus

What is Instabuilder?

I think that the answer for this question is told clearly in the previous post. However, I am please to redefine what Instabuilder is in this post. Instabuilder is a Wordress plugin that combines a lot of useful plugins for all Internet marketers’ demand.

Instabuilder allows you to create beautiful, highly converting, marketing pages with huge functionality at the touch of a button, even if you have no technical expertise at all…

Because Instabuilder is a Wordress plugin, the functionality can be used with your own templates or Instabuilder’s templates, all of which are completely responsive…This means that they render perfectly on desktops, laptops, tablets and Smartphone…

Instabuilder – Special Bonus For Free

Instabuilder review - Special BonusInstabuilder Review – Special Bonus

To increase value for people who decide to download Instabuilder through my site, a special bonus package is given for them. All these bonuses are tested and selected carefully, so I think that they are able to help your business skyrocket. Keep reading to check out your gifts and claim for them!

Bonus No#1


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Blogging Ninja is a web based software script that allows you to automatically gain fresh, relevant content in your own personal blogs. It works by using the power of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to allow you to offer your readers fresh content from blogs and news sites around the web. Best, of all, you don’t have to pay a dime for this content because it is readily available for the public’s taking. You Just Set It Up Once For Each Blog and “Presto”… You’re Done!

Bonus No#2


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Bonus No#3

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  • Secretly Spies On Your Competition.
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Bonus No#4

Traffic Amour keyword

Traffic Amour Keywords

You will learn:

  • How To Locate and Create Keywords
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Bonus No#5


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  • The most easiest and cost-effective ways of generating traffic to your site is through the use of social media sites.
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Bonus No#6


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Bonus No#7


Internet Marketing Toolkits

The final bonus contains many useful tool-kits for internet marketers. Affiliates, Keyword Swarm, Cloaker Shadow … All of them will help you save more time as well as give you a powerful site.

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Very simple. Hurry up!

Thank you for your reading and hope to see you soon!


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